Amelia Pratten (Captain)

Alice Millard 

Sophie Cox

Georgia Cox

Kathy Dredge

Sheri Pleasants

Sophie Woolley

Grace Bolland

Charlotte Way

Emily Chapman

Stars 2021/22 Fixtures

All fixtures will be played at Devises Leisure Centre on Court 1, unless otherwise stated. Fixtures list will be updated with score, Player of the Match (POM) and Player's Player (PP). 

12/10/2021, 7:15pm Vs Frome Diamonds

WIN 60-37

POM: Emily Chapman

PP Georgia Cox

19/10/2021, 8:30pm Vs Chippenham 1

LOSS 32-37

POM: Sophie Cox

PP: Sophie Cox

09/11/2021, 8:30pm Vs Devises Harriers

Injury on court - game to be rearranged

18/11/2021, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 2

LOSS 34-46

POM: Tilly Kempshall (Team Diamonds)

PP: Alice Millard

30/11/2021, 8:30pm Vs Devises Kites 

09/12/2021, 7:15pm Vs Holt Black

18/01/2022, 8:30pm Vs Holt Blue

01/02/2022, 7:15pm Vs Frome Diamonds

10/02/2022, 8:30pm Vs Chippenham 1

15/02/2022, 8:30pm Vs Devises Harriers

01/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 2

15/03/2022, 8:30pm Vs Devises Kites

22/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Holt Black

31/03/2022, 8:30pm Vs Holt Blue