Frome Stars 

Frome Stars will be going to head to head with prem teams once again as they look to build on last season's 3rd place finish.
Stars will led by the experienced duo of Emily Pascoe and Sheri Morgan who have more than enough experience at this level of netball. 


Emily Pascoe  (Captain)

Sheri Morgan (Vice Captain) 

Emily Chapman 

Jemima Dufosee 

Laura Gibson

Bethany Middleton

Georgina Dearden

Bronwyn Stanton 

Kirsty Townsend 

Hannah Manship

Stars 2023-2024

Prem Fixtures

All fixtures will be played at Devizes Leisure Centre on Court 1, unless otherwise stated. Fixtures list will be updated with score, Player of the Match (POM) and Player's Player (PP).


19/09/2023, 7:15pm Vs Devizes Harriers

Result: L 50 - 29

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Laura Gibson

26/09/2023, 7:15pm Vs Team Doris (Court 2)

Result: W 47-20

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Kirsty Townsend 

10/10/2023, 8:30pm v Chippenham 2 

Result:  L 49 - 43

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Alice Baker & Georgina Dearden

31/10/2023, 7:15pm v Chippenham 3 

Result: W 31 - 21

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Kirsty Townsend

14/11/2023, 8:30pm v Holt Black 

Result: W 43 - 33

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Alice Bird

21/11/2023, 7:15pm v Chippenham 1

Result: L 32 - 45

POM: Hannah Manship

PP: Hannah Manship

05/12/2023, 8:30pm v Devizes Harriers


POM: -

PP: -

14/12/2023, 8:30pm v Holt Blue 

Result: W 37 - 32

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Bethany Middleton, Hannah Manship, Bronwyn Stanton & Laura Gibson

09/01/2024, 8:30pm v Team Doris 

Result: W 41 - 10

POM: Bronwyn Stanton

PP: Emily Chapman

08/02/2024, 7:15pm v Chippenham 2




22/02/2024, 8:30pm v Chippenham 2

Result: W 40 - 21

POM: Hannah Manship

PP: Emily Chapman

06/03/2024, 8:30pm v Chippenham 3

Result: W 51 - 22

POM: Hannah Manship

PP: Emily Chapman, Bethany Middleton, Jemima Dufosee, Laura Dixey

07/03/2024, 7:15pm v Holt Black

Result: W 47 - 28

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Emily Chapman

19/03/2024, 8:30pm v Holt Blue 

Result: L 41 - 36

POM: Jemima Dufosee

PP: Georgina Dearden

28/03/2024, 7:15pm v Chippenham 1