Natasha Alexander (Captain)

Ellie Carter 

Vanessa Gaunt

Saffron Gaunt

Ellie Bennett

Jess Coy

Tracy Carter

Flo Gardiner

Alix Stevenson

Kiah Greenan 

Hearts 2021/22 Fixtures

All fixtures will be played at Devises Leisure Centre on Court 2, unless stated otherwise. Fixtures list will be updated with score, Player of the Match (POM) and Player's Player (PP).  

21/10/2021, 8:30pm Vs Corsham 2

WIN 48-10

POM: Nessa Gaunt

PP: Alice Bradley

02/11/2021, 7:15pm Vs Wessex Sabres 

WIN 50-22

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Jess Coy

18/11/2021, 7:15pm Vs Team Doris

Cancelled / postponed - Team Doris unable to provide team

23/11/2021, 8:30pm Vs Devizes Falcons

WIN 40-21

POM: Tracy Carter

PP: Ellie Bennett

01/12/2021, 7:15pm Vs Team Doris (Rearranged Game)

WIN 33-24

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Alice Cayford (Frome Aces)

07/12/2021, 7:15pm Vs Westbury Wildcats 

Cancelled / postponed - Severe weather conditions

05/01/2022, 7:15pm Vs Westbury Wildcats (Rearranged Game)

WIN 29-20

POM: Tracy Carter

PP: Jess Coy

18/01/2022, 8:30pm Vs Devizes Eagles

Cancelled / postponed - Hearts unable to provide a team 

08/02/2022, 8:30pm Vs Corsham 2

WIN 40-9

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Kiah Greenan

02/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Devizes Eagles (Rearranged Game)

WIN 33-20

POM: Vanessa Gaunt

PP: Ellie Bennett

03/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Devizes Eagles

WIN 33-23

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Natasha Alexander

08/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 4

LOSS 21-30

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Ellie Carter

22/03/2022, 8:30pm Vs Team Doris

LOSS 25-39

POM: Tracy Carter

PP: Flo Gardiner

29/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Westbury Wildcats

Cancelled / postponed - Hearts unable to provide a team

05/04/2022, 7:15pm Vs Wessex Sabres

WIN 41-16

POM: Ellie Bennett

PP: Saffron Gaunt

03/05/2022, 8:30pm Vs Devizes Falcons (Court 1)

17/05/2022, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 4 (Court 1)