Georgina Guy (Captain)

Jane Bullus 

Bev Chapman

Georgie Southwell

Rosie McMahon

Tilly Kempshall

Amelia Pulvertaft

Lauren Wilkinson

Emily Pascoe

Megan Young

Diamonds 2021/22 Fixtures

All fixtures will be played at Devises Leisure Centre on Court 1, unless otherwise stated. Fixtures list will be updated with score, Player of the Match (POM) and Player's Player (PP). 

12/10/2021, 7:15pm Vs Frome Stars

LOSS 37-60

POM: Tilly Kempshall

PP: Tilly Kempshall

21/10/2021, 8:30pm Vs Holt Black

WIN 49-43

POM: Lauren Wilkinson

PP: Emily Pascoe

09/11/2021, 7:15pm Vs Devises Kites

LOSS 38-44

POM: Georgina Guy

PP: Emily Pascoe

18/11/2021, 8:30pm Vs Holt Blue

LOSS 30-55

POM: Lauren Wilkinson

PP: Lauren Wilkinson

30/11/2021, 7:15pm Vs Devises Harriers 

09/12/2021, 8:30pm Vs Chippenham 1

18/01/2022, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 2

01/02/2022, 7:15pm Vs Frome Stars

08/02/2022, 8:30pm Vs Holt Black 

15/02/2022, 7:15pm Vs Devises Kites

01/03/2022, 8:30pm Vs Holt Blue

15/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Devises Harriers

22/03/2022, 8:30pm Vs Chippenham 1

31/03/2022, 7:15pm Vs Chippenham 2